Interactive Live Wall


This is my intake on how I would like to see us interacting with live social feeds using kinetic interactions to control content. Ultimately my goal was to minimize the need for navigating around needless screens.


Interactions made clearer so users can explore easier, redefining how people watch, play and communicate with each other. Allowing users to view content they require and simply removing widgets which have no use giving users a less cluttered screen.

Let's change the way we interact at home?

Movie Selection

Browse through your available entertainment section while having additional information when movie is minimized.

Social media updates
on the fly

Receive the latest shared posts by

friends across all social media sites.

Clear Swiping - Make it Simple.​

The simplicity of swiping increase the user’s engagement and makes it easy for users to make informed decisions without screens being over cluttered, even the idea of adding voice activation is a possibility to allow users to make commands without facing the screen itself.

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